5 Science-Backed Reasons that Clutter Makes You Anxious

Feeling anxious? Clutter could be the culprit! Here are five ways clutter makes you anxious, according to science, plus some helpful tips to start decluttering your life today.

Is Sugar Consumption Really Linked to Cancer?

Most of us know that sugar isn?t good for us, but few people know just how bad for us it actually is. Sugar has been linked to a whole host of health problems from heart disease to brain disease. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether sugar consumption may be linked to […]

15 Little-Known Facts about HIV

How much do you really know about HIV? The sad reality is that most people don’t know much about the virus or the disease it causes. And, that lack of knowledge can contribute to a host of problems, including an unfounded prejudice against, or a mistreatment of, those with the disease. Here are some of […]

Women Sleep Better Next to Dogs than to People

Little girls are often taught the path to a happy life involves marrying someone and sharing a bed with them. But according to a new study, women sleep better with four-legged partners.

50 Ways to Be Healthier Without Spending Any Money (Infographic)

Being healthy doesn?t have to cost a lot of money. Small changes to your routine can lead to big changes in your health. Tweaking your lifestyle in a few simple ways can improve the way you feel and the way you see your body. Everything you do ? big or small ? has an impact […]

11 Foods to Eat if You Have Dementia, Alzheimer?s or Brain Disease

I have fond memories of sitting at the bench seat in my grandparent?s farm house, preparing organic vegetables from the garden for meals and then, upon completion, sharing a pot of tea with honey, along with a couple of biscuits, with my grandmother. My patient and highly-informed grandmother shared stories about the world, her days […]

5 Ridiculous Myths About Cow?s Milk You Shouldn?t Believe

That there are many conflicting studies about dairy, and it can be hard to know what to believe. Don't fall for these common myths about cow's milk.

5 Dangers of Blue Light from Digital Devices You Didn?t Know About

Too much exposure to blue light may have negative health effects. These are some the lesser-known dangers of blue light from digital devices.

Researchers Define What Constitutes a Healthy Personality

Do you tend to stress and make impulsive decisions? Or are you a generally upbeat and conscientious person? Psychology experts long have discussed what makes a personality ?healthy.? But recent studies have been able to systematically test and show that certain traits lead to a greater sense of wellbeing in life. Here?s what researchers have […]

Is Obesity Infectious?

Although recent increases in the availability of junk food and decreases ?in institutionally driven physical activity? have created an obesity-permissive environment, several other factors may contribute. We know, for example, that the use of antibiotics is linked to obesity, so our gut flora may play a role. Recently, specific bacterial species were identified. Eight species […]

The Pitfalls of Being a Night Owl

I’m a night owl. My husband’s a night owl. So, we’re often awake until the wee hours of the morning before we finally head to bed. But, all that might be changing thanks to a new study that showcased the potentially serious health risks of being a night owl. According to the study published in […]

How to Determine Your Individual Sleep Needs

Sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. But many of us aren?t getting the quantity or quality of sleep that our bodies require. So how much sleep you really need? Here are some signs you?re either oversleeping or undersleeping, as well as how to determine your individual sleep needs. Signs of undersleeping Most of […]

7 Health Conditions that Affect Women More than Men

You probably know some conditions - like ovarian or prostate cancer - that only impact one gender, but some diseases that affect both genders affect women more than men.

How to Handle Histamine Intolerance

If you suspect you may have histamine intolerance, what next? Here's what some functional physicians recommend.

9 Secrets of Healthy Eaters

Ever looked at an unwavering healthy eater and wondered, ?What?s your secret?? Maintaining a healthy diet is a lifestyle ? but it?s one that?s open to everybody. So where should you begin? Here are nine common habits of healthy eaters. 1. Vary your diet A healthy diet is a varied diet. And healthy eaters know […]