Surprising and Delicious Food May Help MS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Everybody?s favorite food just became even better (if that?s even possible). That?s because, in addition to being absolutely delicious, research shows that it may be therapeutic for those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis. The research, published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, found that chocolate […]

How Mindfulness at Work Lowers Stress and Increases Productivity

Burnout at work is now at national crisis level. The World Health Organization recently classified ?workplace burnout? as a disease. Employers are searching for ways to decrease stress while increasing productivity and positivity. For many people, the workplace can be stressful and an unpleasant place to spend their days. Time spent there is considered just […]

Is Chicken Just as Bad For You as Red Meat?

Medical professionals long have advised meat eaters to opt for white meat, such as chicken, over red meat. But is it really the healthier diet choice? That?s what a new study aimed to figure out, and the findings surprised even the researchers themselves. Here?s what they learned. The study Credit: Magone/Getty Images The study on […]

11 Signs You Might Have a Potassium Deficiency

Few people ever give potassium a second thought, yet this mineral helps to keep them alive. Potassium is imperative for healthy nerve function, fluid balance in the cells and tissues of the body, relaxing muscles and regulating heartbeat. This essential mineral is critical to life. Yet, shockingly, some experts indicate that 98 percent of peoples? diets do […]

Plus-Size Wellness Advocate Talks About Getting Healthy

Sarah Sapora's journey to create a healthier life for herself led her to become a wellness advocate for people of all sizes.

6 Warning Signs You May Have Nerve Damage

Nerves play a crucial role in your body. When they?re functioning optimally, they help you sense pain, move your muscles and keep internal organs working properly. Sadly, peripheral nerves get damaged more often than we realize. And when the damage occurs, the effects can be devastating. You may suffer agonizing pain, loss of feeling and […]

The Relationship Between Food Allergies and Junk Food

It is no secret that junk food is a prevalent component of many people’s diets. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), as reported by TIME, about 40 percent of American adults reported that they eat junk food on any given day. Unfortunately, a diet […]

5 Deadly Health Conditions Linked to Poor Oral Health

Many of us maintain good oral hygiene to prevent cavities and avoid the embarrassment of bad breath. Well, you may be thrilled to discover that your efforts to brush twice daily and floss regularly are preventing deadly diseases. Your oral health and overall health are interlinked. Sometimes cavities or gum disease are a sign your […]

Shocking New Study Finds People Eat 50,000+ Pieces of Microplastic Annually

Many years ago, my husband and I needed a sink and dishwasher installed in our new kitchen. We didn?t know any plumbers in the area so we called one who had advertised in the classified section of our local newspaper. Paul, the plumber, arrived ready to work but within minutes we heard him muttering, ?it?s […]

How to Burn Fat When You Can?t Work Out

Life seems busier than ever for most people these days. Let?s face it: it?s not always easy to find time to hit the yoga studio, head to the gym or find your way to the great outdoors for a workout. What?s a fitness-conscious person, determined to stay, healthy to do? Regardless where you are on […]

Can You Guess the Safest State in the US?

Most of us would consider safety when choosing a place to live. And safety comes in many forms. There?s being protected from crime ? but also from natural disasters, financial ruin, occupational injuries and more. And your level of protection in all of those areas can vary based on the community in which you live. […]

The Effects of Low-Level Lead Exposure in Adults

?Children in approximately 4 million households in the United States are being exposed to high levels of lead.? As I discuss in my video The Effects of Low-Level Lead Exposure in Adults, ?Despite the dramatic decline in children?s blood-lead concentrations [over the decades], lead toxicity remains a major public health problem??and not just for children. […]

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating More Celery and Celery Seeds

Celery is probably one of the most overlooked superfoods. While some people add chopped celery to their soup or chili or eat them as raw snacks, their healing powers are tremendously overlooked. I want to change that by showcasing celery?s true healing powers. Here are some of the best health and healing benefits of eating […]

The Ultimate Weight Loss Diet Plan for Diabetics

Diabetes and its complications are more common than ever before. For this reason, it?s fundamental to follow a well-planned diabetic diet if you have diabetes (1). More than 85% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese, and rates of the disease have increased in parallel with the increased prevalence of obesity (2). […]

Victory! Canada Plans to Ban Single-Use Plastics in 2 Years

We?ve all had our share of bad news stories thanks to the current political and corporate environment, but today we can celebrate a victory for marine life, environmentalists, the health conscious and anyone who cares about the planet (which should be everyone). In an announcement made by the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, he committed […]