10 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body.

The Unexpected Best Time of Day to Exercise

If you?re looking to lose weight or improve your health, you may be trying to do everything in your power to ensure your success: you eat right, sleep well, exercise daily. You may have even wondered whether exercising at a certain time of day could thwart or ensure your success. Well, according to some researchers, there […]

Slowing Your Heart Rate with Beans vs. Exercise

?The accumulated weight of evidence linking elevated [resting] heart rate to cardiovascular and all-cause mortality??that is, to a shortened lifespan??even in apparently healthy individuals, makes a strong case for it to be considered in the assessment of cardiovascular risk.? Monitoring heart rate has strong advantages. Taking our pulse is cheap, takes little time, is understandable […]

Natural Wellness Solutions in the Workplace

Whatever you?re in the middle of, stop for a moment and run through this quick checklist of questions about your perceived state of health: Do you experience tightness or pain in your neck while on the job? Do your eyes feel dry or tired from staring at a computer/phone screen? Do you need caffeine to […]

8 Reasons Why You?re Still Hungry After Eating

Do you ever feel hungry soon after finishing a full meal? Why does this happen? Hunger is your body?s way of telling your brain that you need more food. It actually results from a variety of complex interactions between your digestive tract, hormones and nervous system. Unfortunately, many things can disrupt this complex system. See […]

Are You Deficient in the Nutrient Biotin?

Few people have even heard of the nutrient biotin so they?ve probably never given any consideration to the fact that they may be deficient in it. So, what exactly is biotin and are you deficient in it? Keep reading to find out. Biotin is one of the many nutrients that make up the B-complex vitamins. […]

Surprising Health Risk Linked to Swimming in the Ocean

Before you don that wet suit and head for the ocean, you might want to consider a shocking new study that found surfing may put you at risk for an unexpected health problem?an Escherichia. coli (E. coli) infection. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter, found that surfers were three times more […]

8 Obvious Signs Your Blood Sugar is High

Blood sugar fuels cells and keeps us energized. However, too much of it can cause tiredness and increase risk of diabetes. Most times, controlling blood sugar levels comes down to what you eat. Eating high-carb and sugary foods can raise your blood sugar beyond desired levels. Lucky for us, the body produces insulin, which helps […]

4 of The Most Misleading Health Products To Avoid In 2018

The ?wellness? market is predicted to become the next trillion dollar industry. Problem is the majority of wellness products and supplements don?t improve our health? because we don?t actually need them. We?re just tricked into thinking we do. I?ve rounded up several of the most useless and misleading nutrition products to watch out for in the new […]

What Is Nanotechnology and How Can It Change Our Lives For the Better?

Nanotechnology is the study of extremely small particles, or nanoparticles, and how these can be manipulated and controlled in useful ways. Nanotechnology is currently being used in hundreds of common products, including batteries, sunscreens, antibacterial products, scratch-resistant coatings, electronics, plastics, and even food and cosmetics. But this technology is so new, many of us know […]

5 Surprising Energy Zappers

You don’t need us to tell you that living off Pop Tarts and three hours of sleep drains you of energy. But those aren’t the only factors that can lead to a big dip. If you’re about an hour away from crawling under your office desk to take a nap, keep reading for sneaky, subtle […]

5 Foods That Cause Constipation (And What To Eat Instead)

Constipation can be unpleasant and frustrating. And it can happen to anyone. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent and treat constipation, including some easy dietary modifications. This article looks at specific foods thought to cause constipation and what other dietary changes you can consider. What is Constipation? Most people can identify the feeling of […]

This is Why Resting Heart Rate is an Important Indication of Health

The number of heartbeats per lifetime is remarkably similar whether you?re a hamster all the way up to a whale. So, mice, who typically live less than two years, have a heart rate of about 500 to 600 beats a minute?up to 10 beats a second. In contrast, the heart of a Galapagos tortoise beats […]

Do You Snack Too Much?

Snacking is practically embedded in American culture. I mean, take a stroll through your local grocery store. How many aisles can you spot that are solely dedicated to snacks? Crackers, chips, frozen treats, snack packs, cookies galore. But, is all this snacking really good for us? Even if we were eating healthy, wholesome foods as snacks, is […]

The Surprising Habit that May Be Wrecking Your Skin

You may want to think twice before you sit down with a late-night bowl of popcorn, chips or a chocolate bar. Late-night eating may be wreaking havoc on more than just your waistline. This seemingly innocuous habit may be having detrimental effects on your skin as well. And, there?s more. In a new study researchers […]