10 Reasons to Support the MeatLess May Campaign (and How to Make a Success of It)

Most of us get that eating a plant-based diet is the more sustainable food choice. But that doesn't mean it's easy. MeatLess May is a great way to get started.

7 Surprising Benefits of a Healthy Gut

You probably know that changing your daily habits and eating probiotic-rich foods can help improve your gut health and foster that beneficial bacteria, but a healthy gut has more benefits than you may realize. Here are the surprising benefits of a healthy gut.

How Gardening Benefits Your Health

When we think about activities that boost our health and wellness, many of us immediately think of traditional exercise, like jogging or biking. However, for those who aren?t exercise-inclined ? or for those who want a change of pace ? there?s another healthy alternative: Gardening. Gardening regularly is one of the healthiest things you can […]

The Ultimate Power Cycling Workout

Forget pedaling without a plan. This strength-building, fat-burning power cycling workout reimagines the indoor-cycling routine.

Are Bathroom Hand Dryers Safe to Use?

You?re standing in a public washroom, you?ve thoroughly washed your hands and then you notice the paper towels and a hand dryer: which one do you choose? If you?re like many people you probably think the hand dryer is more hygienic. But is that really true? According to a new study published in the medical […]

Top 10 Foods for Liver Health

Food is the best medicine. There are many foods that offer support and healing to the often-overworked liver. Since the liver has over 500 functions, supporting it with healthy liver-healing foods is essential to great overall health. While there are many excellent liver-supporting foods to choose from, here are my top 10 foods for liver […]

What Hormone Disrupters Are in Your Meat Products?

In 1979, an epidemic of breast enlargement was noted in Italian children. Poultry or veal was suspected, given that estrogens ?may be fed to farm animals to accelerate their weight gain.? ?After this episode, the European Union banned the application/use of anabolic growth promoters in agriculture,? as well as the importation of American meat from […]

8 Little-Known Secrets to a Long, Happy Life

Most people want to live a longer life, but a long, happy life filled with vitality and good health is the most rewarding.

Top 8 Natural Remedies to Help Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Anyone who has experienced a urinary tract infections knows how difficult they can be to effectively treat. There are numerous infectious microbes behind the nasty infections but E. coli and E. faecalis are among the most common. Fortunately there are many foods and herbs that have proven their effectiveness against these bacteria and other microbes […]

How a High Salt Diet is Assaulting Your Arteries

If you put people on a low-salt diet, meaning only getting twice as much sodium as they need, as opposed to a usual salt diet where they?re getting five times more, you get a significant improvement in artery function. Lower salt begets better arterial function, suggesting heart-protective effects beyond just blood pressure reduction. Now, this […]

This Is Big. Meditation Can Actually CHANGE Your Genes!

A new study explored how relaxation affects us on a molecular level and discovered that meditation actually changes your genes.

4 Simple Steps to Quit Artificial Sweeteners

Cutting back on artificial sweeteners can actually help you lose weight. Here are some handy strategies you can use to quit artificial sweeteners for good.

Our Response to Everyday Stressors Can Affect Health Years Later

To some, the idea of ?letting things go? is much easier said than done?yet, others can easily move on from small, everyday stressors quite easily. New research is showing that the people who have a harder time letting go of stressful stuff from day to day tend to have health implications follow them into later […]

How Restorative Yoga Helps With Recovery

Yoga?s benefits for stress reduction and physical health are by now well-proven. However, despite yoga?s many benefits, it?s not often the first treatment people think of for recovery. As CNN points out, yoga is increasingly being used to help assist in the recovery of cancer survivors, surgery patients and others. Specifically, restorative yoga ? not […]

How to Break Free of Tech Addiction

Learn how to regain control of your devices so they don?t control you.