7 Medicinal Weeds Growing in Your Yard

We need to become more self-reliant in our use of natural medicines. That?s why I?ve started an exciting new project to help people learn more about growing or foraging for wild medicines and food: FoodHouseProject.com. To help get you started, here are some of my favorite wild medicines growing in most peoples? yards or gardens. […]

New Trial Evidence Suggests Government Colluded with Monsanto

I once read an interview with legendary fiction writer Stephen King in which he told the interviewer that he simply reads the newspaper to get ideas for his novels, declaring that truth was far scarier than fiction. After reading about the latest development in the lawsuits against Monsanto, I?m inclined to agree with him. As […]

7 Ways to Eat an Earth-Friendly Diet

Since 1970, people around the globe have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd.  Considering the state of our planet and the political, corporate and industrial forces that seem intent on destroying it, everyday should be Earth Day. Our world needs more care and healing and, in the absence of true leadership from elected officials […]

5 Reasons You Burp So Much

Burping is normal, but too much burping can be a sign of a larger problem. Let's look at the reasons you burp and which ones are troublesome.

Your Appendix Isn?t Useless After All

Most of us can live happy, healthy lives without an appendix, but have you ever wondered what your it's for in the first place? What does your appendix do?

Are the BPA-Free Alternatives Safe?

Recent human studies indicate that exposure to the plastics chemical BPA may be associated with infertility, miscarriage, premature delivery, reduced male sexual function, polycystic ovaries, altered thyroid and immune function, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Yet, ?[a]s recently as March 2012, FDA stated that low levels of BPA in food are considered safe.? However, just […]

Shocking Study Finds Young Adults at Risk of Fatty Liver Disease

Before you dive into all the chocolate and candy promoted just about everywhere for the upcoming holiday weekend, you might want to think twice. That?s because a shocking new population-based study published in the United Kingdom found high levels of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease among youth and young adults, driven by obesity. Non-alcoholic fatty liver […]

The Nostalgia Cure: How Your Memory Can Change Your Life

Learn how nostalgia can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, motivate you in times of hardship and even help you feel more connected to those you love.

Is Calorie Underestimation Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals?

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to understand why calorie underestimation is so common. These are common reasons we undercount calories.

Spending Time Upside-Down has Some Incredible Benefits

There are some amazing benefits to hanging upside-down, whether you use an inversion table, try aerial yoga or just do a simple handstand against the wall.

10 Plants to Grow for Pain Relief

Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain? Relief may be as close as your herb patch. The herbs listed below are proven to help relieve pain, and many of them are easy to grow in an outdoor garden or a container indoors. Consider including one or more of these herbs to your garden this […]

Should You Take a Probiotic?

We usually think of bacteria as germs that force us to take a sick day. But your body is also full of ”good” bacteria that is extremely beneficial, particularly to your gut. Not having enough of this “good” bacteria can wreak all sorts of havoc on the body’s systems, leading to issues like weight gain, acne, constipation […]

7 Surprising Reasons Your Feet Hurt

Ignoring foot pain can turn out to be a costly mistake. Let's look into the common reasons your feet hurt, so you can avoid complications and get some relief.

10 Flour Alternatives You Should Know About

Long gone are the days when we only had white and whole wheat flours to choose from for our recipes. Food allergies, as well as the demand for healthier options, have led to an explosion of flour alternatives on the market ? each with their own uses and benefits. Whether you?re looking for gluten-free options […]

Onions and Garlic May Help Protect You Against Cancer

Who doesn?t love onions or garlic in a delicious curry or perhaps a savory stew? These pungent foods add delicious flavor to almost any meal. And, most of us know that they also help boost our immune system to fight off colds and flu or other infections. But, it turns out that onions and garlic […]